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Posted by admin on 06/12/2020
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The most beautiful position

Locating at the position that is “the most beautiful face” of the Central Core Zone on Thu Thiem peninsula: adjacent to The Opera Theater and Thu Thiem Bridge 2 connecting directly to Bach Dang Harbor, The Opera occupies all the quintessence of quintessence. The view overlooking Saigon River, towards the center of District 1, is fully preserved, not obscured by any obstacles even when you own a shophouse on the 4 levels of the podium or an individual apartment from level 5 above.

Rarely has any condominium project, even the two The Crest and The Galleria, possesses the perfection in both location and view as these “twins” The Opera of The Metropole Thu Thiem “Family”. It can be said that The Opera is a harmony between the past and the future of Saigon, one side is the magnificent Center of District 1 and the other side is the dream about Pudong in Shanghai.

It is so true to say that
The Opera Residence is selling its perfect location.


The most unique architecture

 If you have never thought of admiring architecture as the way of enjoying a piece of music, you should spend time listening to the “symphony of architecture” performed by The Opera by its unique design. Being built right next to The City Opera Theater, not only the name but the structure of The Opera is also inspired by the lissom movement of the melodious tone and sound. The soft curves like the flow of the music create a calm and peaceful outside appearance for the front of the building, in contrast to the design of the front, the side face captures an atmosphere that is somehow more bustling.

In addition, the subtle angular lines added to the balcony of each apartment have helped to eliminate all the boredom of the typical skyscraper’s structure. The two classic and modern styles have been harmoniously and wisdomly combined.

The use of glass and reflective materials outside the building enables The Opera to capture the smallest movements of nature and every moment of daily life like a camera and makes the building become shimmering like a glowing halo under the city lights when night falls.

The most classy facilities

The landscape garden and the infinity pool on the roof of the podium serve as a linkage between the two towers, providing residents with lifetime experiences, that is the feeling of refreshment when at the same time enjoying the fresh air in the shade of green trees, immersing yourself in the cool water, catching the breeze from The Saigon River blowing through the skin and admiring the holistic picture of magnificent streets in District 1. 

The two towers are gradually opened towards the landscape garden creating a sense of view towards the Saigon River as it extends and stretches endlessly. People suddenly become very small, very “limited” when standing in front of a painting that blends between the infinity of nature and the eternity of time.

A special point here is that the straight lines at the bottom of the pool are inspired by the idea of ​​guitar strings, so the pool is also called “the guitar pool”. Looking down from above, the residents look like music notes on the strings, many notes create a colorful harmony.

This is a profound analogy from the idea to the reality that life is like a piece of music whose melody is composed by the combination of many high and low notes, or in other words, people are the notes that contribute to the melody of their life. The melody can be smooth, slow and melodious, or can be hustle, hasty, and fast-paced depending on the flexibility in how the notes are played, just like the uniqueness in the personality of each person and changes in each individual’s different stages of life.

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The most modern furniture

Not only being benefited from location and creative architectural design, the application of advanced technology in the interior design and furniture of the apartment, the meticulosity and elaborateness in every single detail completely brings the experience of such an ultimate lifestyle to the daily routine of the owner. The safety and privacy of the homeowner is always a top priority which is especially reflected in the design of private paths and modern security systems. 

The most professional real estate manager

n order to ensure that such high-end experiences are always sustainable, worthy of the investment and strictly managed, the developer SonKim Land chose High Gate – a high-quality real estate management company in its business portfolio to directly manage and operate The Opera. Choosing one of the companies on its own list is not only convenient for SonKim Land to monitor the progress of work but also commits to bringing the consistent service quality, which helps to maximize customers’ satisfaction. 

The Opera Residence project will be officially launched for sale in the upcoming sale events in July 2020


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