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Posted by admin on 08/21/2020
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A “noble” view

Surely we are all familiar with river view, sea view, swimming pool view or city view, etc., the typical features of real estate greatly delighting the homeowner. What about the golf course view? Not many have heard of this kind of view. What are its real values? Let’s find out with Vietnam Property Investment.


Golf has long been known as a sport of the elite. A large investment is required in designing and maintaining the landscape, and the operational management of golf courses. Therefore, it is required that players of this sport, in addition to purchasing gear to play at the price that is not cheap at all, also have to incur a considerable fee of golf course.



Not to mention, only places with large land bank can have enough area to build a standard golf course. Therefore, such an expensive sport is golf that it is quite fussy in terms of players. Because of that, the golf course landscape is a type of view ranked among the most elite and only really classy projects, with strong financial potential and excessive land fund can own this rare type of view.



The Origami – the new division of Vinhomes Grand Park is among one of the very few projects possessing this type of view. The Origami captures a broad and not being covered view of the entire Thu Duc Golf Course, surrounded by the two Tac and Dong Nai rivers.



Benefits of playing golf


Good cardiovascular system and circulation

Golfing requires a lot of movement between the holes, bringing the golf bag and performing hits. All these activities help facilitate blood circulation, because the whole body needs to exercise with a proper frequency and gentle intensity. When playing golf, the heart beats continuously and moderately without over fatigue or being exhausted.



Stress relieving and better the quality of sleep

In addition to benefits for physical well-being, golf also relaxes the mind, effectively reduces stress thanks to exercising in the greenery with fresh air, which enables the body to secrete endorphins hormone bringing along the feelings of joy and happiness. Playing golf supports a tight sleep because it enhances an appropriate intensity of work for the body.



Stimulating brain development

Many researches have proved that regular walking helps brain cells work effectively, strengthens memory. Nowadays, people spend a lot of time on paper work and sitting, little exercise and that is destroying the mental health.



A place to enlarge social network

Because of being the sport of the elite, golf course is where the upper class of successful business people meet up. Hence, golf opens a great opportunity to approach these people and the course is also where topics regarding business, trading and investing are referred. Thanks to the comfortable state of mind when playing golf, any conversations seem to go on achievably and effectively. Such advantage cannot be easily gained through any other sports.



Vinhomes Grand Park has just launched two new sub divisions S7 and S8 of The Origami including 5 towers with the 3 best: The most beautiful location – The greenest – The most gorgeous view in The Origami.



The Origami has set the record of receiving purchasing registration of 2,400 units within just 3 days of sale opening. This emphasizes the heat of The Origami and Vinhomes Grand Park! Don’t miss an opportunity to own your sweet home with the rare golf course view at The Origami.



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