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THE ORIGAMI – The green living style of Japanese spirit

(Vietnamese version available)

The next subdivision of Vinhomes Grand Park imitates the lifestyle and cultural values of Japan. Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, The Origami subdivision was born with the idea of ​​bringing a life towards perfect spirit, sophistication, fulfillment and happiness.

Smart riverside megacity

The largest riverside park in Southeast Asia

Vinhomes Grand Park is surrounded by a green area of ​​up to 36 hectares, helping to release the thirst of green space for residents of the busy Saigon. Grand Park is the leading green lung in Southeast Asia, located next to the prosperous flow of two rivers, the Tac River and the Dong Nai River, giving residents a green, clean and healthy lifestyle right inside the city.



The unique feature of Grand Park is the combination of 15 small parks, each park illustrates a different theme named after familiar daily routine such as gym park, nursing park, BBQ park, … This unique design brings along new and dynamic living experiences but no less convenient thanks to the optimization of both green space and time, which enables residents to immerse themselves in nature at most in their daily activities.


Smart megacity management

Always introducing products towards Vietnamese people, honoring Vietnamese strength, mentality and spirit, Vinhomes Grand Park once again proves that Vietnamese people can make breakthroughs. Thanks to learning and acquiring civilized values ​​from advanced countries in the world, Vinhomes Grand Park is managed under smart megacity model with 4 core criteria:

  • Smart operation optimizes time spent on problem solving.
  • Smart safety and security brings along the feeling of assurance to settle down.
  • Smart community provides residents with quick connection to others within the area, enhances the collectivism in the very  privacy.
  • Smart home renews living experiences in your sweet home  in an utmost comfortable and convenient way.


6 core utilities of Vinhomes Grand Park

  • Vinmec international hospital 
  • Vinschool international education system
  • Vincom shopping mall 
  • Manhattan elite low-storey residence
  • 45-level office towel
  • Suite marina Manhattan Glory

Vinhomes Grand Park is a perfectly ideal home: additional to a healthy green lifestyle immersed in the abundant nourishment of the nature, residents also experience a modern, convenient and civilized life with innovative technology.

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THE ORIGAMI – Japanese spirit in the green lung of Southeast Asia

When it comes to learning and acquiring the quintessence of human civilization, so typical that Japan needs to be mentioned – a country that is at the forefront of technology, green lifestyle and productivity.

The first impression when arriving at The Origami is the arc-shaped greeting gate featuring the folded paper pattern of Origami art, leading residents to explore the land of sunrise. As a subdivision of Vinhomes Grand Park, in addition to inheriting the quintessence of a smart park megacity, The Origami has also excelled in displaying its own outstanding advantages.


Vinhomes Grand Park master plan


The greeting gate with Origami style



The new subdivision of Vinhomes Grand Park is located at the intersection of Nguyen Xien – Phuoc Thien, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.


The infinite view, capturing the whole golf course luxury landscape

As customers become more familiar with features such as river view, city view or ocean view, The Origami – Vinhomes Grand Park has dominated thanks to a rare and unique view of golf course.

Golf has long been known as a sport of the elite because not only does it work to help calm the mind, but also requires a large investment in the design of landscape and management of golf courses. Not to mention, only places with excessive source of land can afford a standardized golf course. Therefore, golf is such an expensive sport that does not welcome everyone to play. Because of that, the golf course landscape is one of the most elite types of view, and only the truly classy projects are able to own this rare view.

Surrounded by the lush green canal and adjacent to low-rise residential area, The Origami subdivision captures the clear and sparse view of the whole Thu Duc golf course, an experience that is hard to be seen in any other project.

View that lasts infinitely

The whole golf course view

Internal Japanese garden duo

Japanese garden is a unique feature of Japanese culture, showing the harmony between microscopic objects that summon up the macro universe. The Japanese garden is located inside The Origami area, which is a prominent highlight depicting the soul of the whole subdivision. The garden duo is a beautiful harmony between the turquoise green of the Koi aquarium, the dark green of the garden full of rare plants, the rosy pink of the cherry blossom garden and the red color of the bridges and sky gates – the iconic symbol of the land of the sunrise.

The Japanese garden duo in the center of The Origami subdivision brings along the feeling of meditation and complete relaxation, temporarily putting aside all worries of life by leaving yourself alone in the middle of the charming scene.

Japanese garden duo

The chain of internal resort park

Utilizing the enormous scale of utilities of the entire Vinhomes Grand Park project, The Origami campus includes a full range of standard utilities to form a high-end resort park area adjacent to the center of the Japanese garden duo: tennis courts, resort pools, outside gym, children’s play area, and many other outstanding utilities.


The Rainbow park

The introduction of The Origami, along with The Rainbow and Manhattan subdivisions, completes the overall picture of Vinhomes Grand Park smart city with international standard.



Adjacent to The Rainbow subdivision, The Origami captures the whole view of the rainbow park with youthful and lively colors.



Inheriting the elite of the low-storey residence community Manhattan with the suite yacht marina Manhattan Glory on the romantic water of  Tac River.


Utilities of THE ORIGAMI





Vinbus electric bus, following the green living style with public transport


The overview of utilities of The Origami


Master plan of THE ORIGAMI



The Origami is now opened for sale and booking receiving.

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