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Posted by admin on 06/29/2020
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Starting construction at the end of 2018, Malibu Hoi An is such a familiar name when it comes to the luxury beach villa segment.


However, although the previous design that expresses the luxury and elegance of the villa was inspired by the sea in South America, there has not been an optimal execution so the initial idea is not fully conveyed, resulting in the monotonous appearance with the lack of highlighted remarks. Realizing that, the investor decided to put on Malibu Hoi An a completely new “costume”, a spectacular makeover, to bring the project’s fame once again heating up the resort real estate market right at the summertime, when the atmosphere is fully vivid with many vacations, to make Malibu Hoi An become an ideal destination for second home choice.


Old design of Malibu Hoi An


Inspiration from Malibu

is the name of a coastal city in Los Angeles, California State, USA, which is known as a holiday paradise. Los Angeles is the cradle of surfing and where Hollywood, the prestigious symbol of the entertainment business, is located. “Cali”, the name favored by Vietnamese people, is the state where most Vietnamese expatriates choose to settle down, partly because this area has many similar features with the coastal region of Vietnam in terms of climate and geographical conditions than other states. Therefore, despite being at the other side of the globe, California is still very close to Vietnamese people, because a part of Vietnamese blood is also flowing on that land. 


Malibu City in California State

The name Malibu Hoi An, besides originating from the project manager Radisson from the United States, which is the world’s leading luxury hotel group, also symbolizes the strong bond between the two lands and the truly connected feeling between the Vietnamese community settled in California and the ones who are living in the home country. Malibu Hoi An brings along the feeling of returning to a second family, home and hometown, so this will be a perfect suggestion for expatriates who are planning to choose Vietnam as a destination for second homes to stay for every visit to the beloved home country.

Thanh Ha pottery village
is a traditional handicraft village formed long ago, since the 16th century, in Thanh Hoa, then moved to Hoi An, Quang Nam province. Thanh Ha pottery, with its own manufacturing characteristics, bears a striking impression of Quang region’s pottery style, which reveals the simplicity and sincerce of the local people here. Items such as jars, pots and tiles, … established from Thanh Ha are raw pottery, not enamelled, mainly objects with high applicability in people’s lives. people. Pottery culture is also a highlighted characteristic of Malibu but the product is somewhat artistic, more elaborate in terms of textures, patterns because it is produced mainly for the decoration purpose. 


Thanh Ha Pottery Village – Hoi An
Malibu Pottery Style

With inspiration from Malibu, the new design concept of the villa follows a more specific and specialized direction to emphasize the original idea. Maintaining the project framework and also respecting the original idea, the main concept throughout the whole project will revolve around the pottery subject and its breakthrough application. What makes the difference is that the image of people is always present, being the center of application, creating a harmony between materials and people.


Breakthrough in material implementing

The very first and most obvious pottery  implementation is that in the overall and exterior perspective of Malibu Hoi An. The decorative items such as fountains, pots, wall panels are homogeneously made from ceramic materials. Ceramic is used for the columns and walls of the villa, coinciding with the glaze color of the planting bed on the balcony to create a consistency in the design of each unit. Going inside, more and more ceramic is used for interior decoration to adorn the living space. The application of ceramic is meticulously optimized through each ceramic pattern so as to increase the artistry and uniqueness of the daily-used objects such as cups, forks, teapots, night lamps, chandeliers , bathtubs, … Thanh Ha pottery style is now normalized to become close, familiar with visitors during their resting and relaxing at the second home Malibu Hoi An.


Ceramic material applied in exterior design

Regarding the structure of the villa, the old roof was constructed of concrete similarly to the body of the house. Naturally in the coastal areas, there is a huge volume of solar radiation exposed directly to the ground. As a result, current materials are inefficient in terms of heat insulation, while also leading to the over consumption of energy for cooling the entire house. The new roof is improved by being tiled with the U-shaped heat-resistant brick, manufactured directly from Thanh Ha pottery village. In addition, the U-shaped space at the base of the brick makes air convection easy, which helps to optimize the heat insulation and energy-saving features of the roof.


U-shaped heat-resistant brick from Thanh Ha Pottery

The idea of ​​applying pottery into the design to bring the products closer for tourists to admire and create satisfaction for each of their experience at Malibu Hoi An is a way to express respect for the skillful craftsmanship and contribution of traditional ceramic artisans in Quang Nam province in particular and throughout the country of Vietnam in general.

In addition, beyond just seeing the fruitful results of a creative process, tourists coming to rest in Malibu Hoi An are involved in the creation of ceramic products by himself through activities of real experience such as pottery making class. Thereby, visitors will somewhat understand the work of pottery artisans and appreciate the persistent values ​​they maintain and transmit over time, which arouses the interest and desire to know more about traditional and unique culture of the nation inside everyone, and being conscious about the importance of preserving  those identities.



The delicacy and harmony in colors

Having a second home by Ha My – one of the most picturesques beaches in the planet with its pristine beauty but one can only admire the beauty of the sea as a view in front of his eye appears to be such a deficient feeling. Thus, letting homeowners “deep into the blue sea” every single moment they stay in their own villa is the base idea leading to the innovation of the roof. The two figures of waves are demonstrated through the pattern of the roof: the idea of light reflection on the surface of water and the idea of how waves smoothly approach the sandy seashore.



Idea for roof pattern

For color, a range of different blue shades of waves along with the typically warm red-orange of the sunset. It is the sea in harmony with the sky, the connection with the hot and cold types of ocean currents and the balance between yin and yang in feng shui which brings along peace and advantages in life to homeowners. The contrast of the two colors enhances the own beauty of each, which highlights the outstanding effect of the building.


Main color range of the project

There are 5 colors within the range used, representing for the 5 main villa types of the project.


The designer of Malibu Hoi An was very smart in taking advantage of available materials, which are Thanh Ha pottery and the offshore waves. All become harmonious in a natural way thanks to the use of the familiar “homegrown” to create a breakthrough point.

Meeting customers at many different touch points has saved the imprints that enhance the value of the new design of Malibu Hoi An. Right on board the flight to Da Nang, through the round window, a hidden Malibu Hoi An standing out from the white clouds during the day and a vibrant Malibu Hoi An reflected in the lights at night can be enjoyed. This warm welcome makes visitors love Malibu Hoi An at first sight. What’s more is that from the exterior to the interior details, from daily life to discovering activities, the appearance of pottery has always existed, uniting people of the modern life with traditional cultural values ​​of the nation. 


The spectacular makeover of Malibu Hoi An demonstrates certain meaningful values:

  • Malibu Hoi An has succeeded in replacing its monotonous old identity by breakthrough ideas and creativity, carving its own features in the minds of customers.
  • Hoi An is a city recognized by UNESCO as one of the world cultural heritage sites. Therefore, the development and exploitation of tourism in parallel with conservation and preservation in order not to damage the traditional cultural values ​​is the orientation for sustainable development. Malibu Hoi An has excellently completed this noble mission by skillfully applying the pottery products of Thanh Ha traditional craft villages into the design, balancing the elegance of modernity with the flow of cultural space. Moreover, this also contributes greatly to local economic development, life of people in the region, handed down and developed traditional ethnic trades.
  • With the pristine beauty of Ha My Beach, the difficult problem to handle is that the exploitation of tourism must always be simultaneous with the preservation and conservation of the natural beauty. They are challenges but also opportunities for Malibu Hoi An to stand out and prove itself. 


The spectacular makeover of Malibu Hoi An evokes your desire to possess this as your fantastic second home beach villa, does it?


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