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Posted by admin on 06/17/2020
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Industrialized life causes negative effects on human’s health. During the time of living in an atmosphere full of emissions from vehicles and factories; a polluted environment by wastes coming from unthoughtful behaviors; traffic jams and persistent noise pollution due to crowded land, people become increasingly anxious about the safety of  their health.


After the COVID 19 pandemic, health is perceived as the top concern. Compared to the past, insurance used to make many people feel harassed, bothered and was an investment supposed to never appear in their investing portfolio. However,  when the epidemic spread out, it was one of the few industries with the most spectacular record of overcoming the stagnation in business due to people’s suddenly increasing demand for “safety”, especially for their health. This is thought to only happen in just a short period of time, but people’s intuition and behavior have somewhat changed when they tend to choose for themselves a “safer” and more sustainable investment.


The terminal of social distance, in which everyone stays at home, had provided the environment and people with a moment to “breath” again. Many people begin to live a green and healthy lifestyle, tend to love being in harmony with nature and bring nature into their own homes. Therefore, a quiet, private real estate product that takes advantage of the green spaces, expresses the harmony between the aesthetic housing and the natural environment, is gaining preferences, because the green areas help protect the “safety” for the homeowner’s health.


The need for an additional passive income besides the main source, or even it is likely to account for the majority or the whole income, is becoming more popular. But for the passive income to comply with helping the owner to “do less but enjoy more” and “money earns more money”, the evaluation to choose a “safe” investment is a prerequisite. Since scandals regarding land and housing disputes relating to legal issues, real estate that satisfies the condition of legal transparency, having a separate pink book for each unit, will score a very high point from investors. In all crises, “clean” legislation and long-term ownership of real estate is a “safe” investment contributing to profitable future returns.

In short, a truly “safe” investment should ensure two factors: the long-term benefits both in terms of financial returns and the quality it brings to the life of the owner


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