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Posted by admin on 07/02/2020
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Let’s have a look at 6 things that convince you to invest in Malibu Hoi An.


1. Delicate and breakthrough design


Such a spectacular makeover Malibu Hoi An had made by meticulously utilizing the ceramic material and its breakthrough applications in the villa design.

The application of pottery in design not only gives tourists an opportunity to admire the creative work of artisans but also reveals how the developer and manager show their respect to Thanh Ha traditional pottery village in Quang Nam, preserve the beauty of national culture and contribute to the regional economy and life of the local.

The implementation of pottery in “designing experience” for tourists is also demonstrated through practical activities such as pottery making classes in Malibu Hoi An. When experiencing making a creative product, not only do tourists understand more about the dedication the artisans put into each product, but also arouse the interest of learning about the cultural values of the nation that eternally exist throughout time, thereby creating a desire to contribute to the spreading and preserving those values.


Applying pottery in villa design




2. Located inside the heritage


The magnificent Central Strait is a place that gathers many tourist attractions. Da Nang has reached the top 15 of the 52 most worth-visited destinations in 2019 elected by the New York Times magazine, and recently, Google has also announced this city as one of the 10 leading places for travelling. The ancient town of Hoi An, where Eastern-Western culture intersects, is recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage having more than 1300 relics and many values ​​with historical and cultural significance existing until recent days.

Ha My is a beach in Dien Ban commune, Quang Nam province, distant from Hoi An with just less than 15 minutes heading by road. Ha My Beach possesses a rare pristine beauty, which has not been exploited for tourism but is mainly a place for local people to relax. Therefore, the atmosphere in Ha My is extremely peaceful and private, a picture of a  perfectly natural blend with blue sea, white sand and sunshine, not as crowded as other popular beaches. Therefore, Ha My is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the planet.


Da Nang City
Hoi An Ancient Town
Ha My Beach with pristine beauty


3. The “can-not-be-cleaner” juridical status


The juridical non transparency resulting in drastic disputes between project developers and customers has become a prominent issue throughout time. Not only does this cause damage in terms of property but also lead to problems regarding liquidity of real estate products at the time they are sold or leased. Malibu Hoi An builds firm trust with investors by its extremely “clean” legal status, particularly  providing long-term ownership and pink book for each separate villa.



 4. The double profit


Firstly, Da Nang and Hoi An are appealing destinations that welcome tens of millions of tourists domestically and globally each year. Moreover, the success control of COVID pandemic makes Vietnam a safe destination, which attracts Vietnamese expatriates to come back settling in their hometown and foreign investment to flow into the country. As a consequence, the Vietnam resort real estate market shows such plentiful potential to grow, especially Malibu Hoi An, with its gold position lying right inside the heritage. 

Secondly, investors have always been overestimated the liquidability of resort real estate thanks to its high profitability lasting 8-10 years. The manager Radisson assures the fixed yield amounting to 8% per year and the ratio of 90 to 10 generated from the renting of villas by the manager when the owners are not in use. Moreover, Malibu Hoi An also has a very deferred paying policy due.



Recently, the demand for a second home in Vietnam outbreaks proportionately to the increasing concern about the safety of health after the pandemic. Take that into consideration, a project with “gold position” and the “can-not-be-cleaner” juridical status as Malibu Hoi An, it can be used for investing to  generate profit, for being an ideal second home and also a place for social distance when necessary.



5. Acknowledged manager from the USA


Being managed and operated by such renowned managers not only reinforces profitability but also facilitates liquidity and enhances the future value of real estate.

Radisson is the leading hotel corporation in the USA, whose portfolio includes brands ranging from the diversity of segments, that is mostly well-known as hotel product lines for upscale and upper scale class. In Vietnam, Radisson successfully developed the luxury resorts in Phu Quoc and Cam Ranh, and now, this giant is present in the city of heritage by one of the most gorgeous beaches on the planet with Malibu Hoi An

With extensive experience in developing high-class luxury projects, Radisson guarantees to not only provide customers with the highest level of satisfaction via the consistency in service quality but also to bring along a secure reliability in return for the investment customers have put in Malibu Hoi An.



6. Double facilities from both sides


Malibu Hoi An comes from a noble background and so does its “neighbor”. Located right next to the famous 5-star resort Four Seasons, Malibu Hoi An inherits double luxurious amenities from both “itself” and ” its neighbor”, helping to bring customers ultimately worthy experiences.





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